We gather together every Sunday morning at 9am and 11:15am. We sing, pray, read from the Bible, listen to a sermon on what's been read, and enjoy time together afterwards over coffee. The service lasts about an hour and a half, usually a bit less. Everything we do is about getting to know Jesus better through his word (the Bible), praising him for who he is and what he's done, and encouraging one another in him. 


During lockdown our Sunday service takes place at 10am using Zoom.

The password is ccc and anyone is welcome to join us. Here's what to expect...

You'll join a waiting room first and then be let into the service. You can use your name or simply 'visitor'. You can choose to keep your video off and microphones will be muted.

From 9:55am music will be playing and no-one will draw attention to your arrival. That's not because you're not welcome (you really are!) we just don't want to embarrass anyone who wants to be a fly on the wall. During the service there will be singing, prayers, a Bible reading, a short interactive family slot suitable for all ages and a longer talk for adults. Our singing will be led by musicians and you can sing along at home but we won't hear one another, so don't worry how it sounds! All the words will appear on the screen. At the end of the service there is a virtual coffee time for anyone who wants to stick around (in a breakout room of 3 or 4 people) but you're also welcome to leave as soon as the service finishes if you prefer. ​


We usually gather together every Sunday evening in the Senior Minister's home, but at the moment we meet on Zoom. 

Here's what our Sunday Evenings look like when we're not restricted in gathering together:


On the 1st Sunday of every month we share tea together at 5:30pm, which is for the whole church family. At 6:30pm we pray together and then from 7-8pm we share communion - which involves singing, reading from the bible, reflecting on what Jesus did on the cross, and sharing the bread and wine. On the other Sundays we meet at 6:30pm to pray together and then from 7-8:15pm we learn together. This usually involves looking at a specific topic for a number of weeks (evangelism, caring for one another, a book of the bible, prayer etc), by looking at the bible and discussing it together.