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We gather together every Sunday morning at Bethany Gospel Hall.


The Sunday Sessions are 9:45-10:30am. These are 3 different age-appropriate groups. One session is for under 5s, which includes games, crafts, songs, Bible stories and free play. There is another session for 5-11s, which includes games, songs, Bible stories and discussion. And there is a session for adults (including over 11s), which includes teaching from the Bible on a range of topics, with some time to discuss together.


Refreshments are served from 10:30-11am. This is a chance to meet new people and get to know others better. This is also the perfect time to arrive if you're coming just for the service, or to head home if you're just joining us for the sessions.

Our main Sunday Service is 11am-12pm. We sing, pray, read from the Bible, and listen to preaching on the passage we have read. The service lasts for an hour. Everything we do is about getting to know Jesus better through his word (the Bible), praising him for who he is and what he's done, and encouraging one another in him. We love being altogether as a church and so the kids stay in the whole service, although crafts are provided to help them engage with the teaching. The portacabin is also available where the service can be heard, for those who require it. Our services are also available online on Zoom using the link at the bottom of this page.

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