We gather together every Sunday morning at 10am at Bethany Gospel Hall. We sing, pray, read from the Bible, listen to a sermon on what's been read, and enjoy time together afterwards over coffee. The service lasts about an hour and a half. Everything we do is about getting to know Jesus better through his word (the Bible), praising him for who he is and what he's done, and encouraging one another in him. 

Our services are also available online using Zoom. You can access them by clicking the link above. The password is ccc. The link should be live 10mins before the service begins.

​You'll join a waiting room first and then be let into the service. You can use your name or simply 'visitor'. You can choose to keep your video off and microphones will be muted.

All the words will appear on the screen.


We also have groups for children aged 0-11 called Cornerstone Kids. There's a simple form to fill in for newcomers and we've got great leaders who will help to settle children in. The children start and end in the service and go out to their groups for the middle part.

4-11s (Rocks & Boulders)

Rocks (4-8) and Boulders (9-11) are together for most of the session. They'll play games, discuss and pray together, have a snack, and do their activity packs while listening to the main teaching from the church service. We've learned that kids are able to take a lot in from the adult teaching, especially if they can be doing something practical or crafty at the same time.

0-4s (Sand & Pebbles)

Sand (babies) and Pebbles (toddlers - 4) will start in the service with their families and go out after about 15mins. There will be a story, a snack and lots of free play. Parents are not able to stay in the groups with their children, but the leaders are fully trained and will come and get you if there's any concerns. Parents are always welcome to keep little ones in the service if they prefer, we don't mind a bit of noise, we just want people to feel comfortable.