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Thank you for considering supporting Cornerstone Church Crewe. Here are some personal testimonies from people in the church about what it means to them...

‘For me, Cornerstone has been a place of refuge. A quiet and gentle place where I could heal and restore after trauma.’

‘Cornerstone has changed me for the better over the last year. I attend Cornerstone youth group every Sunday evening and it has helped me to understand Christianity. They welcomed me like family. Even though I probably didn’t deserve it.’

‘Cornerstone church is a place I feel I can hear the word of the lord in a simple and understanding and relevant way. I would never understand the Bible without church and with every sermon I learn more but I’m encouraged to read/listen to the bible and to explore more ways to be a good person and to believe in the lord and to let him mould me in his way. Also, it gives me great comfort that our church family are there for us in any way needed.’

‘Since joining Cornerstone my focus on and appreciation of the Bible has increased, and it has become read and discussed more in our home. My kids have more appreciation of God and his word and are excited to go to church to learn more each week. I think my life and our life as a family follows more godly patterns since joining Cornerstone.’

‘For us, Cornerstone is a place where we feel loved, accepted and part of a family. The teaching is inspiring, challenging at times and encouraging. It’s great to be part of a church who care for each other and reach out to the community to care for them too. Our kids love the kids work and different events that take place, helping where they can and spending time with new friends they have made here.’

‘My husband Charles and I came to Cornerstone Church on the first day, 6th January 2019. We were made so welcome and felt immediately that this was where God wanted us to be. Because of Charles’s illness and treatments, he had very low immunity and we had been unable to attend our previous church where we had been members for over 30 years and had been searching for another church when we received the invitation to Cornerstone at the Lifestyle Centre. Our new church family have been such a blessing over the last three years and 9 months and especially as my dear husband passed away in August last year. I know that I would not have come through the past year without their loving kindness and their prayerful support. I give thanks to God everyday for bringing them to Crewe at just the right time for us.’

‘Cornerstone have helped me, and my family come to faith. I have always been a ‘believer’ but with numerous questions!! Which to me seemed ridiculous! But not to Matt and Adele. I can honestly say they have answered all our ‘stupid’ questions without any hesitation! Very approachable and lovely church family.’

‘I’ve been at Cornerstone for over two and a half years, prior to before we leased our own building. Since the church’s financial position has been discussed, I’ve asked myself where I would advise a new Christian in Crewe to go if Cornerstone Church wasn’t here and I honestly can’t recommend another church in Crewe with confidence knowing that they would faithfully, and with grace, teach what the scriptures say. We have new faces on Sunday every few weeks and we’re a real presence in the immediate community where the building is located; Our Families@4 seems to be particularly fruitful. With God’s grace and more time, I honestly believe that we can be a much needed “light in the darkness” in Crewe.’

‘Cornerstone Church has been the church that has helped me to really understand what faith in Jesus is. My life has changed so much in what it looks like to walk faithfully with Jesus whilst continuing to grow in all areas. I am so thankful for the church in showing me what it looks like to grow and loving me so much to help me see what God's word is teaching me.’

‘I am so thankful for all the kids groups and family activities that Cornerstone Church provide and because of this I have been able to learn more about Jesus and what he has done for me on the cross.’

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