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Midweek Groups

We have midweek groups to help each other know Jesus more and keep trusting him.

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm we have Central which everyone is invited to. We usually spend the first hour in the same part of the Bible we looked at on Sunday, thinking more specifically about how it fits with our lives. We then spend time praying in light of what we've thought about and for one another. Sometimes we do something slightly different, like a prayer meeting online, a Member's Meeting (for everyone who has decided to commit to the church) or an Equip session, where we focus on a specific topic like evangelism or work.

We also have our Men's and Women's Bible Studies which meet once a month on a Monday evening. We spend time studying a book of the Bible together, praying for one another and sharing life. These groups tend to be a bit smaller than Central and are a good place to get to know others better. We also have Men's and Women's Breakfasts once a month, where we enjoy great food, a short talk on the Bible and plenty of time to discuss and pray.

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