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Life is full of stormy moments.

Health problems, relationship troubles, financial worries, not to mention living in the middle of a global pandemic.

Often being in the storm causes us to ask questions... Why is this happening? When will it end? Where can I find hope? Who can I trust? Will we make it through to the other side?

Often we don't know where to find the answers to our questions so we stop asking them, thinking we have to live with the uncertainty.

But what if there are answers to those questions?

Answers that not only satisfy our curiosity, but that will give us real hope and lasting joy. 

Questions in the Storm is a series of short videos looking at some of the questions we tend to ask in the stormy moments of life, and the amazing answers Jesus gives. 

They will appear online every week between now and September, when we will run a free online course to help people explore these questions together. Do watch them and think through the answers you have and how they compare with the answers Jesus gives. Then why not come and join us for the course to go deeper, we'd love to see you then! Here's the intro video, which will take you to our YouTube channel where you can find all the rest.



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